Kuttu Moong Dal Dhokla

Nutrition profile

Energy 167 Kcal
Carbohydrate 22g
Protein 5.5g
Fat 4.5g



  1. Buck wheat is rich in anti-oxidants and fibre and good for PCOS
  2. Moong flour and curd is added to increase protein in the dish


  1. Kuttu flour (Buck wheat) -20g
  2. Moong dal flour -10g
  3. Sour curd -50g (1/2 small cup)
  4. Coriander- 1 TSP (Chopped)
  5. Mustard seeds- 1/4 TSP
  6. Udad Dal- 1/2 TSP
  7. Curry leaves- 4 to 5 no’s
  8. Red Chjilli Powder -To Taste
  9. Salt -To Taste
  10. Oil -1/2 TSP


Method of preparation

  1. In a bowl mix kuttu and Moong flour with sour curd
  2. Add little salt and keep aside for 6 to 8 hours
  3. Take a deep plate for steaming the dhokla and grease it with little oil
  4. Heat water in a vessel and place the plate in the vessel for steaming
  5. Check its steamed by picking a knife deep inside and if it comes out clean then its ready
  6. Season it by heating oil in a seasoning pan, add curry leaves, mustard seeds, udad dal, chilli powder
  7. Spread the seasoning on the steamed dholka and cut it into diamond shape.

Sprinkle coriander and serve and hot.

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