Vyaghra Shwasa (Tiger Breathing)

  • This pose helps relieve stress and releases back pain. This pose will also help you improve your breathing.
  • Sit on the floor and then place your hands and knees on the ground. Place your knees right below your hips. The distance between your knees should be about a forearm distance apart. Your legs and feet should be at the same distance as your knee. Keep your feet flat and pushed down. Place your wrists exactly below your shoulders and spread your fingers as well.
  • INHALE, look up and push your lower back down to the ground creating a nice arch in your spine. EXHALE, look down and round your spine. Suck your abdomen in bringing your mid-back towards the ceiling. (If the distance between your knees and your hands is making you uncomfortable, move your hands one palm distance ahead.
  • Repeat these opposite arches as many times as you feel necessary.
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