SHAVASANA (Corpse Pose)

  • Shavasana though seems easy, it is one of the most important asanas in yoga. Many of us skip this asana as we do not see its benefits.
  • This asana balances your nervous system. It helps our body enter a state of calm and ease. It helps remove emotional blockages and helps your body cool down.
  • After completion of the yoga session lie down on your back with your hands and legs stretched out keeping your body in one line. Keep your legs slightly apart and your feet and knees completely relaxed. Place your hands at your sides on the floor, palms open and facing upward. Feet and toes should be rolled out. Now close your eyes. Gradually relax your entire body while breathing slowly and deeply. Observe the changes in the body, mind and breathe. Wait for 5-10 minutes or till you feel completely relaxed and then gently roll on to the right side making your way up into a seated position.
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