Yoga: The Path to your Holistic Health and Development

Yoga: The Path to your Holistic Health and Development

One of the definitions of Yoga is – To Unite. Yoga practices the unity of the body, mind and breath.

Breathing is an integral part of every asana. The pattern of out-breathing has a direct effect on our mood and our ability to deal with stressful situations. The simple act of breathing through a challenging asana teaches and trains our mind and body in using the breath to manage stressful situations at work, in relationships or at home and with our health. In fact, yoga is one of the best and most beneficial forms of movement/exercise for the body, mind & spirit of women with PCOS.

So how does Yoga help PCOS?

  1. It reminds us to focus on our breathing patterns.
    Breathing is something so natural to us that we often take it for granted. Yoga slows it down, making us sensitive to, and highly aware of our body and mind through various breathing exercises.
  2. It helps us deal with stressful situations and teaches us how to find peace even in stormy situations.
  3. Yoga helps deal with Stress, anxiety and depression promoting great recovery from mental health issues.
  4. Helps build muscle. Muscles combat insulin resistance which is very important when it comes to managing PCOS.
  5. It helps increase the heart rate providing a cardiovascular workout which in turn leads to weight loss.
    (Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial in managing PCOS)
  6. Regular Yoga practice helps in balancing hormone levels.
    It also helps in managing/controlling the adrenal & cortisol levels of the body thus reducing stress. Dealing with stress and managing cortisol levels may enhance chances of conception too.
  7. Certain asanas help with digestive disorders which prevail in PCOS by improving the functions of the digestive organs.
  8. Certain asanas in yoga have a pain-numbing effect on the body which helps manage the symptoms of PCOS.
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