Obesity a major obstacle in PCOS

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Obesity a major obstacle in PCOS

It is a known fact that Obesity is one of the growing health concerns in today’s time and age and acts like a catalyst for welcoming many more problems such as diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and can also lead to heart problems, and in extreme fatal cases, it can also lead to a cardiac arrest.

So what happens when you have a deadly combination of Obesity and PCOS to tackle with? Obesity affects your menstruation and can cause cysts as well, and these lead to further problems such as infertility. When you are termed as obese, you are at a higher risk of developing diseases and disorders, and PCOS is no different. When you have developed PCOS the first thing one need to do is control your weight gain and work out to shed out the excess weight through diet and exercise. Maintaining a disciplined diet regime and routine with effective exercises included will help you recover faster from PCOS as you shed the extra pounds.

Obesity occurs due to heredity or lifestyle, or can also be a result of medications one is undergoing. Your BMI needs to be stable; being overweight can hamper your overall wellbeing. It causes a lot of problems during conceiving when you are obese, since it affects the ovulation process. There is also a relation between obesity and insulin resistance. Eating behavior and digestion problems and releases of hormones also relate to PCOS and the overall condition and impact of the patient. With so many factors like these to consider, handling Obesity issues in PCOS can be a grave challenge indeed, but it is not impossible to overcome.

However, this does not mean that all obese women have PCOS. Bypass surgeries and Bariatric Surgeries can be a good solution for those who can afford and are willing to go under the knife to overcome the weight gain process. Film stars and celebrities like Sara Ali Khan who have been through both PCOS and Obesity emerged victorious and are fat free and PCOS free with timely treatment and determination to overcome both these issues.

Obesity determines changes in ovulation states and pregnancy chances. The faster you lose weight, the higher are your chances for pregnancies. When you lose weight or gain weight, your body undergoes tremendous changes and chemical reactions which we can see in the form of results that show on our body. Doctors and experts advise to get a good eight hours of sleep. The more your body rests, the more your bodily functions improve. This improves the chances of productivity by making you more active and fit, and makes you feel lighter as well. Getting a good amount of sleep has many secret benefits, improving blood circulation and sexual productivity of the body is one of the reasons that will help overcome PCOS.

Stress is another factor which can have a significant impact on PCOS and on your body.It will only worsen the situation further and create further complications in the body. Making your mind calm and doing things that make you happy are very essential during your fight against PCOS. Stress relieving activities such as yoga and meditation, playing sports, reading, dancing in the form of Aerobics/Zumba make it a fun way to overcome weight issues as well as help you deal with PCOS as well.

One must not attach any social stigma to any woman who is suffering from PCOS. It is important to know that it is very common for a woman to be diagnosed with PCOS. Do not make her feel different from other women, as cyst development is a common problem any woman can face. One in ten women suffers from PCOS, and some of them are at times not even diagnosed.

Using anti-obesity drugs to curb the issue of being obese has been debatable in the medical field. While some believe this is a very good solution for bringing down the weight of a person, some believe that this is not the right solution and will create further complications in the long run. Crash diets as well are not the solution to this, as studies show you are regaining all the weight you lost by eating twice the amount.

While there is no direct relationship between PCOS and obesity, it is clear that obesity does bring in complications when you have been diagnosed with PCOS. The first thing you need to do if you are obese and are diagnosed with PCOS, is to bring down your weight so that your body reacts in a normal manner. In many cases, once you lose enough amount of weight, your period’sstarts coming normally automatically. Controlling your sugar and carbs intake can also do wonders. You will feel lighter, more energetic and active throughout the day, and might be able to fight PCOS once you are able to tackle obesity.

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