Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

● This pose increases circulation in the head and pelvic region. It releases tension from the abdomen organs and strengthens it. Regular practice of this asana strengthens the reproductive organs. It also helps release indigestion and constipation.
● Lie down on the floor flat on your stomach. Lengthen your abdomen using your hands. Bend your legs from the knee keeping your knee hip-width apart. Extend your hands behind and grab your ankles from the outside. Right hand grabbing the right ankle and the left hand grabbing the left ankle.
Variation 1
If this is comfortable so far then try lifting your head on an INHALE and down on an EXHALE.
Variation 2
Lift only your lower body on an INHALE and down on EXHALE.
Variation 3
INHALE and lift your head, chest and legs off the floor balancing on your naval and not your pelvis. Pull your ankles away from you towards the ceiling and EXHALE down.

*This pose should be avoided during menstruation cycles*

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