Analyzing the relationship between PCOS and Infertility

Analyzing the relationship between PCOS and Infertility

With the onset of PCOS, there are a lot more complications that arise, and one of them is infertility. Infertility prevents the eggs from ovulating and hence creates an obstacle in getting pregnant. You will be surprised to know that the major reason of infertility in women is PCOS, hence it is a very common problem one faces. However, it is important to know that not all women suffering from PCOS are infertile.

High levels of androgens (‘male’ hormones such as testosterone that are converted to estrogens in women) and high insulin levels can affect the menstrual cycle, causing a hindrance in the release of an egg. Though heredity makes this difficult to overcome, diet and lifestyle changes and environmental changes too can really help in turning things into your favour when you are infertile. Losing 10% of your body weight may help your menstrual cycle become more predictable. This should help you get pregnant.

As years have passed by and technology has advanced, there are various ways to overcome PCOS. IVF treatments, ovarian transplants and surrogacy are some of the alternate options to fulfil the emptiness infertility have to offer.

If you are taking birth control pills on doctor’s recommendation for treating PCOS, it will not be possible to get pregnant. You need be in regular touch with a specialist who will help make sure you get the right dose of medicines, help with any problems you have, and schedule regular checkups and ultrasounds to see how you’re doing. An ultrasound is a scientifically proven built machine which uses sound waves to create images of your inner body. This is a painless procedure that can track the developments undergoing in your uterus.

There is an option for ovarian drilling which is a surgically performed procedure using a laparoscope procedure which increase the chances of egg release or ovulation. It is a minimally invasive procedure where an incision is made in the abdomen under general anesthesia. Following this procedure, ovulation can normally occur for up to a year. Ovarian drilling though is not commonly used and is primarily approached when other strategies to improve PCOS symptoms fail.

Ovulation induction is a strategy to stimulate the ovary to produce eggs by the use of medications. Once ovulation is induced, the semen can be introduced by sexual intercourse or by using artificial devices. This method called as artificial insemination.

IVF has tried after other less intensive treatments have proved to be unsuccessful, being extremely expensive and painful as well as time consuming in nature. Though there is no guarantee of a positive result, this technology is usually successful in women who have followed lifestyle modification techniques to control PCOS but failed on those.

One must also keep a track of their ovulation time period and try to conceive when it is the highest point of fertilization indicated by your menstrual cycle. This helps determine the best time to conceive.

One must forego all the unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking, drugs, and other such habits if they want to overcome their infertility issue. Eating healthy food and getting a good eight hours of sleep is very important. Adapt good habits such as following a balanced diet which has all your carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, roughage and vitamin content present in it. Consume a lot of water and minerals and drink at-least eight glasses of water in a day.

Yoga and Meditation are extremely beneficial too to overcome Infertility. There are special aasanas that are dedicated to cure infertility. Meditation relaxes you and de-stresses and declutters your mind.

It is also important to deal with the societal issues and pressures that come along with PCOS. Its normalcy is yet not accepted well in the society, and treatments for these are restricted very often as girls shy away to seek medical help for the same. One should know that silence and untimely treatment can prove to be more hazardous towards PCOS that the problem itself. Acceptance is a stage that needs to be overcome, you need to accept that there is a problem, and it is okay to do so. Many celebrities like Sara Ali Khan today have express and shown their success story of how they have overcome PCOS and weight gain issues and it becomes an inspiration to others as well and they start accepting you the way you are.

PCOS infertility treatment can increase the chances of the woman to get pregnant. A notably high proportion of women might be able to get pregnant after a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Infertility Treatment. The fight with PCOS against infertility is an uncertain one, as it causes a huge amount of hormonal imbalance and complications. But with the right medications and diet and lifestyle followed, your chances might just improve to get pregnant.

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